Privacy policy

Collecting personal information

DudoMart may not collect personally identifying information from visitors who shop for items on display on our website. Any visitor who may wish to make contributions either to forum discussion or advert posts will be required to login or sign up as the case may be.

Display of personal information

The information collected during sign up process shall not be exposed on our website. Such information as phone number, email, full name, date of birth. When a user posts an item for display, the item will be associated with the user’s username and not full name. If the user needs be contacted, then phone numbers and email may be displayed.

Age restriction

DudoMart may use your date of birth information to send you warm messages during your birthday. Date of birth information may also be used to enforce age limit of 16+. If you choose not to enter your date of birth then you have accepted that you are 16 years or above.


DudoMart will NOT send spam mails to your mailbox or spam SMS to your phone. However certain messages may be sent to you only if you subscribed. Your phone numbers and email may be displayed only when you choose to or when you place content that requires you to be contacted.

VIN or chassis number of vehicles

DudoMart encourages the inclusion of VIN or chassis number of vehicles during ad posting. While you can use VIN to find your vehicle in case you want to edit your ad, DudoMart uses the VIN to figure out certain coded information about your vehicle like the model year. Buyers might require the VIN to perform independent auto check.

Even though you have the VIN entered, you can still choose not to display it to public and no one will see it.