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DudoMart is an advertising service that connects buyers to dealers. WE DO NOT SELL CARS. Contact details for dealers of cars and/or other products are available on the Review page for each advert.

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If you could not find the vehicle you want and would want to request a particular vehicle, click here to fill our Vehicle Request form. Our dealer network will immediately be informed of your choice. Your request will also show up on the Request Billboard. When the vehicle becomes available on DudoMart, we shall also notify you.

Payment Activation

If you have made payment into our bank account and need to be credited with value, contact us with the details below

eWallet Payment Activation Service

Phone: +234-818-715-8432 (SMS only)


Contact DudoMart (for general inquiry)

To make inquiry about DudoMart services or if you have trouble using our services, contact us with the email below or by filling the form below and submitting to us.



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