Terms of use

DudoMart is an advertising service that connects buyers to dealers. We do not sell cars or other items.

Dealer authentication

DudoMart cannot authenticate any dealer!

Your dealings with any dealer over any item on display here is entirely at your own risk. DudoMart advises that you insist on inspecting a vehicle and carrying out your own due diligence before making any payment.

Report any suspected fraudulent ads to DudoMart Customer Care and we shall take them down.


Dealers are free to sign up, set up their companies so as to have a personalised showroom.


Dealers will receive emails for requests for items like vehicles etc. Any logged in user can post any content advert for the line of products we cover which include but not limited to vehicles, properties, phones, computers and other gadgets.

Shoppers may post comments regarding any ads on DudoMart expressing satisfaction or otherwise with the packaging, pricing or other parameters concerning an ad only in such a way that will not jeopardise the business interest of the dealer except where fraudulent.

Contact advertiser

Buyers can search the items collections, compare, search with various criteria as available on DudoMart and may contact a dealer directly for further inquiry or negotiation. DudoMart customer care may not be contacted with respect to any content ad posted by a dealer as we may not have answers to such inquiries. Users may contact DudoMart for any inquiry or suggestions about the DudoMart service but not about an ad for which the advertiser has contact details.


DudoMart reserves the rights to withhold any advert that does not meet up with our standards in terms of packaging or presentation or an ad that is offensive or deceptive.

Advert administration

Content adverts in DudoMart are advertised as CLASSIC ads and are allowed free of charge and they will be displayed according certain criteria such as order of post date, price, last viewed date and view index. However, a discerning dealer might want to take advantage of PREMIUM ad to increase exposure to his ads.

Premium ads attract a little fee and allow you to upload up to 10 pictures as a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Premium ads may also be shown above other ads in search listings.

Ad removal

There is no way to remove an ad from DudoMart. Active adverts usually have the status of Available. When sold or rented as the case may be, dealers are advised to change the status as appropriate. Any ad with a status other than Available will disappear from regular search so as to improve user experience. Dealers are discouraged from allowing sold vehicles being displayed as Available.